New! Breast pumps available

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Just a notice about this post – women like to share and this breastfeeding topic may be too much for some.  Refer it along if you find value in it.

I can remember my first attempts at nursing my first baby with great fondness.  It was in the hospital with lots of support and other moms to model after.  Then I got home….

Breastfeeding is a skill for moms while baby seems to have great instincts about how to nurse.  There is so much advice out there I can’t even start to get into who’s opinion rules.  Your own opinion counts most really!

I found fantastic support with La Leche League with my first daughter who forgot how to nurse after leaving the hospital and again for my second daughter who didn’t keep up with demand when my milk came in with her.  Both consultations were over the phone and helped tremendously – as did my girlfriends who backed her up!

Using a breast pump to extract milk helped me to ease the too full feeling in my breasts as many other women do.  I provided milk extracted by a pump for mixing with infant cereal and for my husband to give to my daughter when I went out in the evening (although that didn’t really work, she gave up evening nursing first).  It was the best help when engorged and even the comfort of cold cabbage leaves started to fail me.

Changing Ways will be introducing a breastpump from Ameda.  This manufacturer offers many resources for women who breastfeed.  This company does encourage and advocate for those who are breastfeeding as I investigated their reviews and website.  This was an important qualifier for me as I really support those who will try to nurse, just like those who try to cloth diaper.

A mom needs support during the learning stages of caring for a newborn so here’s hoping Changing Ways can lend an extra hand here!  The breast pump sold through Ameda has support from World Health Organization which is unique in this market.  Contact Andria to find out more!

Check it out!

An Introduction to Cloth Diapers… Change your Ways

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Did you know about such a thing as a cloth diaper?

My own ideas of bum covers were based on disposable diapers for infants. Little did I know seven years ago. I am now surrounded by the ideas, ingenuity, and inspiration to pass on the great message regarding the use of modern cloth diapers!

Put a cotton rectangle folded in three onto a waterproof cover and wrap this around your baby’s bottom just like a disposable. That is the easiest way to describe it!

Now change your baby’s bottom by undoing the velcro tabs, removing the soiled cotton diaper to the diaper pail, and replacing it with a new prefold diaper. Reattach the diaper cover onto baby and let’s get moving!

Ready to head outside to the park? Pack two extra cotton prefolds, some wipes, a change of clothes, and a tote bag into a backpack. Lead on! Little one is toddling over to the slide. What a cushy bottom she has to fall on as she learns to walk!

Travelling up to the cottage for a week – with cloth? Sure – bring a larger tote bag (or just pack the diaper pail with clean ones ready to go!) to collect the soiled diapers. We have to bring back the garbage bag and recyclables anyway. These cloth diapers don’t seem to stink as much as those disposable diapers. Imagine after a week! Save the landfill and our noses too!

Okay, now you’ve been hooked up with your own stash of diapers! Just love those SuperBrite colours from Bummis! Secretly, the SWW flower print is still my favourite! Did you see the AIO diapers on the little baby over there? Very sweet fluffy behind! So much variety in this world of cloth diapers!

Baby’s next word is wet.  I mean really?  Does she have to say it while in line at the grocery store?  Okay, we’ll be changing that dirty bottom just after we finish up with checking out.  In the back of the Mini Cooper, mom whips off the dirty and lays down the clean diaper – diaper change done!  Now load those groceries and let’s go pick up dad!

Life with baby is a collection of moments.  I just wanted to remind parents that cloth doesn’t make any of them more difficult.  At one time, cloth was the only option.

Change your Ways…