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Here is a new page on the site I want to draw your attention to.  If you can help another parent by offering advice or a listening ear, you have done a fantastic service.  It takes a village to raise a child is a remarkable proverb.  But imagine all those conversations the village has to have around decisions for that child. 

Join the conversation!

Our Diapering Darlings need us…

The Real Diaper Association was created by the leading manufacturers and retailers of cloth diapers in 2007.  This non-profit association has started advocating for cloth diapers.  The idea is local groups and individuals are supported by the RDA and educated, advised, and organized about cloth diaper trends in their local community.

Peterborough is lucky to have so many parents using cloth diapers.  Everywhere I go, I hear of another family who is washing cloth diapers at home.  Some families are doing cloth part time and others commit full time.  It is impressive to get aquainted with these families, moms and dads alike!  The frequent reasons local parents start with cloth or switch to cloth is long term cost, waste management, and health.

Parents who have chosen to use cloth diapers and have become successful in their diapering and laundry methods can be valuable assets to others in our cloth diaper neighbourhood.  Promoting those successes can be key in pushing forward a cloth diaper movement in Peterborough.

If you have started cloth diapers and have become frustrated with their fit, style, or laundry routine, let others know so the wealth of tips and support can come back to you. 

We need to connect together!  A Real Diaper Circle is a great forum!

Currently, there are two casual playgroups hosted biweekly by Andria.  Diapering Darlings and Toddlers in Training.

On alternating Tuesdays there is Diapering Darlings for the infants.  This group has been running since May 2010 and the members who have attended are not always cloth diaper users.  Three moms came along to chat with current cloth diapering parents – they had the gear, but had not used the cloth diapers yet!  Each of those moms felt more confidence after attending and started using their cloth diapers on baby.  Success!

On alternating Fridays, Toddlers in Training brings together the children from about 16 months old and up for a playdate.  These children, may or may not be showing signs of potty training.  There was unusal interest created by three little girls when only one potty was presented to the group – the novelty of trying out someone else’s potty and taking turns resulted in some surprised looks from toddlers and moms alike.  Success!

Contact Andria to find out about the next Diapering Darlings or Toddlers in Training playgroup.  These events are often posted on the Facebook site and on the Peterborough Moms Group calendar (membership is required and free!).

Do you want to have a Real Diaper Circle in your area?  Andria will visit your playgroup to facilitate a meeting on cloth diapers within Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes counties.

Here is a Cloth Diaper’s User Guide to help you get started on more research beyond what Changing Ways Diaper Service is already offering.

Diapering Debates

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Cloth versus Disposable

You will hear many compelling arguments for and against cloth diapering your child. Consider the following as you make your choice:

Your Baby’s Health

Disposable diapers contain traces of dioxin, a toxin linked to cancer, liver damage, and birth defects. Disposables contain Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP) as the super absorbing gel; a chemical that was removed from tampons in 1985 due to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

The Environment

Four million disposable diapers are discarded daily in Canada, taking up to 500 years to fully decompose.
Untreated fecal matter in landfill promotes growth of Hepatitis B and Polio.
Effluents (wastes) from the manufacturing process of disposables – pulp and paper, plastics – contribute to soil and ground water contamination.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are made of 100% cotton.
Cloth diapers are reusable up to 200 times as diapers before being used as rags.
Fecal matter is treated properly as sewage.
Cloth diapers produce 6000% less solid waste, use 500% less energy to manufacture, and require 1000% less volume of materials than disposables.
Soft, breathable cotton is against your baby’s tender skin.
Children often toilet-train up to one year earlier

The argument heard most often is that washing cloth diapers is a drain on water resources, and therefore worse for the environment than disposables. Yes, washing diapers uses water, a resource that is often abused in North America. However, a disposable diaper leaching in a landfill for 500 years cannot be compared to an extra load of laundry when discussing negatives for the environment!

An Introduction to Cloth Diapers… Change your Ways

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Did you know about such a thing as a cloth diaper?

My own ideas of bum covers were based on disposable diapers for infants. Little did I know seven years ago. I am now surrounded by the ideas, ingenuity, and inspiration to pass on the great message regarding the use of modern cloth diapers!

Put a cotton rectangle folded in three onto a waterproof cover and wrap this around your baby’s bottom just like a disposable. That is the easiest way to describe it!

Now change your baby’s bottom by undoing the velcro tabs, removing the soiled cotton diaper to the diaper pail, and replacing it with a new prefold diaper. Reattach the diaper cover onto baby and let’s get moving!

Ready to head outside to the park? Pack two extra cotton prefolds, some wipes, a change of clothes, and a tote bag into a backpack. Lead on! Little one is toddling over to the slide. What a cushy bottom she has to fall on as she learns to walk!

Travelling up to the cottage for a week – with cloth? Sure – bring a larger tote bag (or just pack the diaper pail with clean ones ready to go!) to collect the soiled diapers. We have to bring back the garbage bag and recyclables anyway. These cloth diapers don’t seem to stink as much as those disposable diapers. Imagine after a week! Save the landfill and our noses too!

Okay, now you’ve been hooked up with your own stash of diapers! Just love those SuperBrite colours from Bummis! Secretly, the SWW flower print is still my favourite! Did you see the AIO diapers on the little baby over there? Very sweet fluffy behind! So much variety in this world of cloth diapers!

Baby’s next word is wet.  I mean really?  Does she have to say it while in line at the grocery store?  Okay, we’ll be changing that dirty bottom just after we finish up with checking out.  In the back of the Mini Cooper, mom whips off the dirty and lays down the clean diaper – diaper change done!  Now load those groceries and let’s go pick up dad!

Life with baby is a collection of moments.  I just wanted to remind parents that cloth doesn’t make any of them more difficult.  At one time, cloth was the only option.

Change your Ways…

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