Because I am a Girl..

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I am proud to be a girl.  Aren’t you?  This is the time to show it off and remember why.  I recognize in our history all the achievements girls and women have had to let me enjoy the freedoms I have.

Now, I have options.  I can go to university.  I can work outside my home after marriage.  I can earn an income to help support my family.  I can raise a family and work full time.  I can challenge myself to do anything I set my mind to.  Yet my options were not those of my grandmother’s.  So, I value them even more.  My options are not those of all women around the world, so I hold them dear and be thankful.

In terms of cloth diapers – I like my options and I have many creative, enthusiastic women to draw inspiration from.  In January, I got to meet Betsy Thomas, the co-founder of Bummis.  She has been in this business for more than 20 years and was willing to sit down with me on the couch in a hotel room to have a thoughtful conversation about my own business and potential directions to go.  The Real Diaper Association was organized in 2007 by many businesses – most of them founded and headed by women!  The great clients I meet through Changing Ways are fantastic women from all kinds of backgrounds who have different reasons to chose cloth because they have discovered cloth diapers.  Women who became fashion designers, nurses, midwifes, lactation consultants, doulas, chemical engineers, entrepreneurs, and more have had an impact on our choices for cloth diapers.  Thank you!

There are many strong campaigns going on this year which you can support your fellow women.

It’s the 100th International Women’s Day!  The special date to commemorate is Tuesday, March 8th!Because

The Girl Guides through the international WAGGGS movement have chosen girl empowerment as their theme this year.  At a local campfire at the Lansdowne Mall on February 20th, I sang the song Can A Woman?  See the words below and I ask you if you can relate to perhaps having asked these questions when you were young.

Women are people too.  This is a message that in the context of our history has been fairly recently accepted.  Remember the stories of Canadian women who fought for the right of other Canadian women to be known as people and not property under the laws?  The Famous Five changed our status as women and we’ve been constantly evolving.  Have you seen the high number of mommy blogs?

Now, we have to ask and support inspiring women to stand up for others against poverty, cruelness, and to take positions of power so that the womanly perspective can be heard around the world!  Are you a person who could lead other women? We need more women in power to make a global shift in how women are treated.  In our area, we seem to have it pretty good.  Or do we?

World Thinking Day 2011

Can A Woman?

(to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Round the  Mountain”) Words by Iris Hirsch of GS Central Maryland

Can a woman fly an airplane? Yes she can, yes she can!

Can a woman build a building? Yes she can, yes she can!

Can a woman fight a fire?

Can a woman change a tire?

Can a woman lead a choir?

Yes she can, yes she can!


Can a woman be a lawyer? Yes she can, yes she can!

Can a woman fix an engine? Yes she can, yes she can!

Can a woman be a drummer?

Can a woman be a plumber?

Can she play ball in the summer?

Yes she can, yes she can!


Can a woman be a doctor? Yes she can, yes she can!

Can a woman drive a tractor? Yes she can. yes she can!

Can a woman lead a nation?

Can she run a TV station?

Can she head a corporation?

Yes she can, yes she can!


Just you wait until we’re older, then you’ll see

We’ll be women in tomorrow’s history!

As we grow up through the years

We’ll sing out loud and clear

Can we start the process here?

Yes we can, yes we can!!




Cloth Diaper Support is local to Peterborough

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Here is a new page on the site I want to draw your attention to.  If you can help another parent by offering advice or a listening ear, you have done a fantastic service.  It takes a village to raise a child is a remarkable proverb.  But imagine all those conversations the village has to have around decisions for that child. 

Join the conversation!

Our Diapering Darlings need us…

The Real Diaper Association was created by the leading manufacturers and retailers of cloth diapers in 2007.  This non-profit association has started advocating for cloth diapers.  The idea is local groups and individuals are supported by the RDA and educated, advised, and organized about cloth diaper trends in their local community.

Peterborough is lucky to have so many parents using cloth diapers.  Everywhere I go, I hear of another family who is washing cloth diapers at home.  Some families are doing cloth part time and others commit full time.  It is impressive to get aquainted with these families, moms and dads alike!  The frequent reasons local parents start with cloth or switch to cloth is long term cost, waste management, and health.

Parents who have chosen to use cloth diapers and have become successful in their diapering and laundry methods can be valuable assets to others in our cloth diaper neighbourhood.  Promoting those successes can be key in pushing forward a cloth diaper movement in Peterborough.

If you have started cloth diapers and have become frustrated with their fit, style, or laundry routine, let others know so the wealth of tips and support can come back to you. 

We need to connect together!  A Real Diaper Circle is a great forum!

Currently, there are two casual playgroups hosted biweekly by Andria.  Diapering Darlings and Toddlers in Training.

On alternating Tuesdays there is Diapering Darlings for the infants.  This group has been running since May 2010 and the members who have attended are not always cloth diaper users.  Three moms came along to chat with current cloth diapering parents – they had the gear, but had not used the cloth diapers yet!  Each of those moms felt more confidence after attending and started using their cloth diapers on baby.  Success!

On alternating Fridays, Toddlers in Training brings together the children from about 16 months old and up for a playdate.  These children, may or may not be showing signs of potty training.  There was unusal interest created by three little girls when only one potty was presented to the group – the novelty of trying out someone else’s potty and taking turns resulted in some surprised looks from toddlers and moms alike.  Success!

Contact Andria to find out about the next Diapering Darlings or Toddlers in Training playgroup.  These events are often posted on the Facebook site and on the Peterborough Moms Group calendar (membership is required and free!).

Do you want to have a Real Diaper Circle in your area?  Andria will visit your playgroup to facilitate a meeting on cloth diapers within Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes counties.

Here is a Cloth Diaper’s User Guide to help you get started on more research beyond what Changing Ways Diaper Service is already offering.

A Challenge to Switch to Cloth

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There are some great converts out there to cloth diapering.

Some parents have had multiple children and have used disposable diapers until they discovered cloth.  I’ve learned parents research cloth the moment they are expecting – thanks for those calls of enthusiasm!  Other parents are interested in setting up with cloth diapers the week before baby is here – close calls!  Even still, my favourite caller is from a parent of a child who is showing signs of potty training at about 18 months of age and they are too excited to get out of diapers!  They are ready to switch to cloth if it may mean getting rid of the diaper waste!  It’s never to late to switch and save money and effort!

Who put them up to it? Hopefully, a parent finds it a reason to ditch the wasteful ways and find a healthier method of cloth diapering.  And when they do, they love to share it with others!  It happened to me and I can say it has happened to many clients of Changing Ways Diaper Service.

Can we introduce cloth to the mainstream?

Tweets to Ellen DeGeneres have been heating up! Gettting cloth diapers into local and national media spotlights can help others see how big the cloth diaper industry is becoming and why the demand is back for a reusable option for diapering. Can we make this viral?

Get Cloth Diapers Featured on The Ellen Show. Tweet a link to @TheEllenShow with #operationfluffy #clothdiapers tags.
Ex: “@TheEllenShow Why I want to see #clothdiapers on your show. #operationfluffy”

Once you get on board with cloth, you ask others why not?  A dad in town who now advocates for cloth diapers after using them on his son, says he can be almost aggressive when people tell him cloth diapering is too much work.  He compares real work with diapers in loading the child into the car for a trip to the big box store, and seeking out the right size diaper at the right price, waiting around to check out and includes hauling the weekly waste to the curb in the work.  His alternative? Carry the diaper load to the washer, dump it in, add detergent, and press a button.


Now here is a newsclip, compliments of the American newstation  CBS, of a journalist who took the challenge to switch to cloth.  She interviews the owner of FuzziBunz to demonstrate to viewers what modern cloth diapers are all about!  News is spreading!  Pass it along!  It’s a dirty little secret, but as cloth diaper users, we want to advocate to others how easy it is to take the challenge to switch to cloth!  Try the Diaper Loan program for a week, or sign up for a whole month!

Give me a good reason not to take a Cloth Diaper Challenge!

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