Change 3 Things – a cloth diaper revolution for 2011

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Change 3 Things

Here’s the challenge:  reduce our impact on the world by using 3 cloth diapers on your baby each day.  I found this Cause off of Facebook and the link to the blog to describe the cause.

The challenge does not ask parents to convert from disposable to cloth.  It does not offer any monetary incentives other than obvious savings for not using the disposable diaper.  Get some cloth diapers and use them 3 times a day on your baby – just 3 times.

Why take on this challenge?

With the disposable diapers today’s parents wore still stuck in landfill, we are adding to the waste created by our disposable society.  Reduce your consumption by 3 diapers a day.  It is a choice you can make.

With Changing Ways, you can start small and meet this challenge.  Set up with one dozen cloth diapers – either new or retired plus 2 diaper covers.  At the low end your investment is $40 and as high as $83 or more if you try more gear.  One purchase can last you until baby is out of diapers.  Hey, there’s a neat concept – paying for diapers once, at the beginning.

I have done cloth diapers part time, full time, and not at all.  I got into cloth because of the waste and my purchasing power.  I would have rather fixed my diaper cost each month and have someone else deal with the mess environmentally than have my own baby be responsible for all that landfill.

Cloth and disposable have their place.  Disposable diapers were originally intended for travel.  They took over the diaper marketplace only 30 years ago !  Since then, women have started a revival in cloth diapering just as they have gotten better stuff for periods (remember those yucky Kotex with the belt?), and for nursing (who can’t love an electric breast pump!).  We are putting ourselves first again in some parts of our lifes.  We want efficiency, tidiness, and a pretty factor!

How to make this challenge possible?

Research is a mom’s best friend.  We want to know the options, compare the reviews, test drive the products before we really commit.  Do you shop online?  Most Canadians do a lot of research online, but not as much shopping as those to our south.  So, check out the products listed under the Cloth Diaper Products tab above to see what Changing Ways offers locally.  Are you interested in more diapers out there?  Click on the link to the blog All About Cloth to see all the parent conversations over all kinds of cloth diapers!  Do you want to actually touch and feel the diapers before settling on a brand or diaper system?  Cover over to Diapering Darlings or Toddlers in Training cloth playgroups I host to see it all.  There are All in One diapers, Flip diapers, pocket diapers, and 2 part diapers.  All will support an absorbent liner with a waterproof cover.

Then decide what cloth diapers you want to test drive and order them in!  Or sign up for a month’s diaper service trial!  Taking away the washing aspect lets some parents continue to love using cloth diapers on baby.  I, for one, hate laundry of any kind.

There will be a minor learning curve as you figure out the snaps or aplix closures and how to get the laundry routine started.  You will not be alone though!  Peterboruogh and area have many households already using cloth and by asking questions you may find some new friends!

How would this challenge benefit my baby?

With cloth diapers, you know exactly what material you are exposing your baby too.  Many of their own clothing is made of the same/similar fibres already such as cotton, micro fleece, and waterproof polyesters.  With disposable diapers, there are some fancy chemical reactions going on underneath that protective padding.

In using cloth diapers, your child will know what the feeling of being wet is and the diaper can get changed when its soiled instead of when you believe its time for a change.  This small change will help prepare your child for earlier toilet training – even with using just 3 cloth diapers each day.

You can travel and overnight with cloth diapers on baby so you won’t be limiting your activities in choosing cloth.

Will you take the challenge?  Have you already been challenged?

Diaper Loan

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Would you like to borrow some cloth diapers to try it out for a week?

You can certainly do this now through Changing Ways Diaper Service!  Under the Gifts & Loaners page you can read the details of how to apply this.  If you haven’t figured out within a week if you like the process, you can return everything.  If you can handle using cloth part time or full time, I can show you the minimum or maximum gear required to set up!

There are many, many websites to go through if you begin the research on cloth diapers.  I don’t need to overwhelm you with all the options, and you can try out the most trusted, and economical cloth diaper system around – prefolds plus waterproof covers!

Are you expecting a baby and want to learn more?

I would love to stop by for an in home demonstration of the cloth diapers and review what concerns and benefits you’ll have in using cloth diapers.  This appointment takes an hour’s time and is great to include dad to be and grandparents too!

Is your child still in diapers and you’re not sure if it’s too late to try cloth?

You are the perfect candidate for the Diaper Loan Program!  Invest now and you could still benefit from early toilet-training!  Children have been switched to cloth at various ages with an easy transition.  Even if toilet training is expected to happen and your own enthusiasm is higher than your child’s, putting cotton against their skin instead of a fancy wicking liner gets the idea about being wet.  Toilet training depends upon teaching a child first, what being wet is all about.

Have you tried other cloth diaper products and want to switch to prefolds?

Pocket diapers and AIO (all in one’s) are great inventions to the cloth diaper world!  Each cloth diaper system was created with certain features in mind.  All of them are generally easy to use and are designed to have the best fit for baby against leakage.  Using them can be another story.  Each parent and child have their own ideas.

What will suit you the best?  Would you like to try out another method before investing? Sign up for the Diaper Loan Program and you can confirm you like your established diaper routine best, or be open to using the two part Bummis system of cotton diaper insert with a diaper cover.

Phone lines are standing by…

Diapering Debates

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Cloth versus Disposable

You will hear many compelling arguments for and against cloth diapering your child. Consider the following as you make your choice:

Your Baby’s Health

Disposable diapers contain traces of dioxin, a toxin linked to cancer, liver damage, and birth defects. Disposables contain Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP) as the super absorbing gel; a chemical that was removed from tampons in 1985 due to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

The Environment

Four million disposable diapers are discarded daily in Canada, taking up to 500 years to fully decompose.
Untreated fecal matter in landfill promotes growth of Hepatitis B and Polio.
Effluents (wastes) from the manufacturing process of disposables – pulp and paper, plastics – contribute to soil and ground water contamination.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are made of 100% cotton.
Cloth diapers are reusable up to 200 times as diapers before being used as rags.
Fecal matter is treated properly as sewage.
Cloth diapers produce 6000% less solid waste, use 500% less energy to manufacture, and require 1000% less volume of materials than disposables.
Soft, breathable cotton is against your baby’s tender skin.
Children often toilet-train up to one year earlier

The argument heard most often is that washing cloth diapers is a drain on water resources, and therefore worse for the environment than disposables. Yes, washing diapers uses water, a resource that is often abused in North America. However, a disposable diaper leaching in a landfill for 500 years cannot be compared to an extra load of laundry when discussing negatives for the environment!

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