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Each community has its own place dedicated to helping its members live better lives and get connected with the right resources.  Peterborough hosts an extensive connection of resources in the Peterborough County-City Health Unit.

Note the News & Alerts calendar right in the middle of the front page to see what’s current and upcoming!

I have lived in 4 other Canadian cities before landing in Peterborough and eventually one figures out who the real connectors are.  Connectors know people.  They have long lists of acquaintances, business contacts, friends, family, and general experience in knowing who to ask for information.  I like these people and consider myself one of them.  So, let me introduce you to some of the connections the Peterborough County-City Health Unit can offer a you.  Play the video  regarding the news segment recorded by CHEX TV from the last Pre Natal Health Fair and you’ll find me demonstrating the Snappi® fit!

Here’s a one stop search online at the Parenting Page for the local services offered to parents offering connections for Breastfeeding, Childcare, Playgroups, Recreation, Special Needs, Family support, Financial assistance and Health and Development.  My hay fever reactions have peaked already this year, but when I was a nursing mother and I started suffering the sneezes and sniffles, the MotherRisk site helped me choose a drug which was safe for breastfeeding mothers.  I credit Early Years Centre as having been an important resource to support my parenting with the Resource Library for toys and books and Well Baby Clinics to let me weigh baby between doctors visits and discuss concerns with another health professional.  Living in Ottawa, there was a troop of moms and babies who would cross town by bus to attend the programme du jour offered at each satellite location!  I’ve met great moms out in Stewart Hall and even down at the Lions Club in East City where the Early Years Centre brings their van of toys and circle time.  We tried out this orange and blue slide from the Lending Libary before acquiring one permanently!  Are you a lucky mom raising twins or triplets?  There are groups to network with found on this Parenting Page too!  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then call the Health Unit to speak with member of the team who will help you find your way.  What a connection!

When I arrived in Peterborough, I found out I was pregnant with darling daughter Natasha and knew I had to track down a Pre Natal course ASAP.  I’ve heard of great waiting lists for these courses when offered through government funded resources and shelled out a pretty little sum for a private weekend crash course 5 years earlier.  I wasn’t going to remember anything from the first experience and I had a new dad on board with this baby.  What fun we had at Helen’s Pre Natal course!  Each week, the moms-to-be got a little bigger and both moms and the dads were a little more prepared with information and ideas for the new baby.  I’ll never forget the night the guys huddled together to learn what should not go in the baby’s crib and what was safe for baby.  My husband came home and ripped out the crib bumpers so fast and with such assurance!  Have you met Helen when you were pregnant at the Pre Natal course or the Pre Natal Health Fair at the Holiday Inn in Peterborough?  She’s warm, caring and ready to inform you or direct you to the person who can!  What a connection!

This site is updated regularly and can be a go to site when the winter viruses creep over your doorstep and you want to know if and when to get the flu shot.  Upcoming this weekend is the Breastfeeding Latch On where babies who latch to mom are counted in and awarded certificates of participation by each location.  I got to attend last year and it was the last day Natasha ever nursed!  Free movie and lots of information from the Health Unit too!  What a connection to offer to you!


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