Sometimes, you just have to hear another parent talk about their experience to understand it for yourself.

Please post your own testimonials to cloth diapering here.

What clients have said about the service and products of Changing Ways.

Cloth Diapers Service

“My daughter got a rash with disposables and with cloth she has had no reactions.”

“It’s easier than you think to use cloth diapers.  I don’t get what the hang up is that other people have”

Cloth Diapers Wash at Home

“It really doesn’t take anymore time to do it myself”

“All the stains come out when I hang them to dry in the sun!”

Service from the Organization

“It’s just so handy to drive over and pick up what I need with two sleeping kids in the back.  I don’t have to haul them into a store during nap time to get diapers.”

“Zoë sold the business?  I’m glad someone else who loves these products took it over!”

“Your customer service has been great!”


Here are more testimonials about cloth diapers from the RDA website:  click here to see a variety of opinons.