Diaper Service


It’s an ugly word with lots of ugly results and many ugly changes and stories to go with it.

Definition: A folded piece of absorbent material, such as paper or cloth, that is placed between a baby’s legs and fastened at the waist to contain excretions.

Piles of service diapers

Until you speak to a cloth diaper family.  Cloth Diapers become like a new hobby for some and eliminate much of the waste for everyone.  Cloth Diapers are fun and easy to use.  Cloth diapers are healthy for baby and the whole family.  Put cloth in your diapers and you’ll have a whole other perspective!  Cloth diapers can be used and cleaned at the home of the baby who needs them.

A Diaper Service such as Changing Ways can be hired to provide and clean the cloth diapers.  Diapers collected together from multiple households, counted, washed, and redistributed function as a Service.

Even with Wash at Home Diapers you can still be a client of the diaper service. Hand over your own diaper stash inserts for professional cleaning while you enjoy the luxury of service diapers!

Why Parents Choose Cloth

  1. Parents wanting to use cloth diapers have a genuine concern for the health of their children. They no longer trust the chemical laden disposable with their absorbents and perfumes.
  2. Environmental issues which are always making the headlines, motivate some parents to absolutely refuse to use disposables.Some even cart their trusty cloth diapers with them onto airplanes and into hotel rooms.
  3. Cloth diapers are far less expensive than the weekly purchase of disposables over a two to three year period.

How the Diaper Service Works

  • Week 1 the client starts with their first bag of clean diapers of a set quantity
  • Week 2 diaper delivery exchanges soiled diapers for new at the same set quantity
  • Week 3 and beyond deliveries are of the quantity collected the week before

Register For Service:

  1. Choose the number of diapers required each week (in quantities of 10’s)
  2. Pick out diaper covers, Snappi®s, and accessories – see our Cloth Diaper Set up page for more details
  3. Decide to rent or buy a diaper pail
  4. Read about, pay for, and sign up for 4 weeks of service
  5. Tell me what date to start your deliveries!


Your delivery day will be decided when you register for the service.  You can expect your deliveries to be at approximately the same time every week.  Please be aware that for the first 2 weeks of service you will receive the total number of diapers you have ordered.  The following week (and every subsequent week) you will receive only the number of diapers which you returned the week before.  Please keep any clean diapers you have left at the end of the week for use the following week.

Questions still?  Check out the Diaper Service FAQ.

Do you know a mom who needs such a Diaper Gift to help her out?  Check out the Gifts & Referral program.

Prices for Diaper Service are not published.  Please contact Andria to inquire.


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