Referrals & Rewards


 “Did you know there is a service for parents who want to have their cloth diapers cleaned?”

“Have you heard of Changing Ways? They offer a weekly diaper service in Peterborough!Let me tell you more…”

“I can tell you where I picked up my cute diaper covers for my son…”

As parents using the convenience of the diaper service, there should be a Reward System for referring new service clients. Spreading the word is the best compliment a business can ask for! There can also be a reward for referring new clients who start washing diapers from home, of which Changing Ways Diaper Service is a great supplier in Peterborough and surrounding areas.

Pass it on!

Rewards For Service Clients

Any service client who passes on contact information of another parent who then enrolls with the Service for at least 1 month, will be granted 1 week of FREE service (at the rate based on your quantity of diapers purchased) credited on your next invoice. It would be great to offer each new client a week of free service too!

Let parents-to-be and parents with infants know where they can get 2 weeks of FREE service – through attending the Music for Moppets program hosted in Peterborough and surrounding area.

Rewards for Clients

Any client who passes on contact information of another parent (or aunt or grandparent!) who then makes a one time purchase of $100 or more can qualify for a FREE gift from Changing Ways Diaper Service which could range from Snappi®s to a new diaper cover!

Disclosure: the reward is at the discretion of the owner based on the available inventory on hand and should be redeemed by the next invoice or purchase of the existing client.