Cloth Diaper Party

Cloth Rocks! Let’s Party Mom!

Join In!  This healthy trend is here to stay and growing in popularity with every internet minute!

Have you figured out how wonderful cloth diapers are?

Do you want to share this new love of soft cloth with friends and family?

Host your own cloth diaper party to spread the fluff around!

When you touch and feel the diapers and covers plus learn how easy, affordable, and healthy using cloth diapers can be it is easier to make a commitment to starting with cloth diapers on baby.

What a Cloth Diaper Party consists of:

  • Inviting one friend or ten friends over for an afternoon or evening of social time while you learn about cloth diaper options
  • A Baby shower atmosphere with activities and challenges for all plus presents to the hostess
  • The opportunity for diaper depot discounts towards cloth diaper service or selected cloth diaper gear
  • Learning about the basic cloth diaper needs plus all the frills you can have added to your diapering routine such as a diaper pail, liners, and the ultimate diaper service!
When you get support from friends and family close to you who have also chosen to use cloth, it can be easier to learn the routine and stick to it.  When you appreciate cloth diapers with the convenience and ease of use, you can pay it forward by sharing this with a crowd!
Join In!
Book your first Cloth Diaper Party with Andria to get 1 Bummi Diaper Cover to start adding or expanding your diaper inventory!