Changing Ways Products

  • – Canadian made diapers and diaper covers
  • Gabby’s Swim Diapers – Canadian made alternative to disposable swim diapers
  • The Laundry Tarts detergent – see what two women with some great science can do for others – Ontario made soap
  • Dimpleskins Naturals – Canadian made lotions handmade and safe with natural ingredients

Diaper Blogs/Reviewers

  • All about cloth – Autumn Beck  and Jenn Reinhardt of Texas keeps everyone up to date and excited about cloth diapering!
  • Padded Tush Stats – gives you real world feedback on products and articles to help navigate your way!
  • Diaper Pin – tips, reviews, and questions answered here!

Other Family Businesses in Peterborough to Network With

  • Music for Moppets – join Karen for a local musical playgroup promoting literacy and bonding through rhymes and song
  • Elderberry Herbals – local herbalist Mary Ann has many natural ideas to help you out from tea designed for expectant moms to lotions to treat skin irritations

Articles about the cloth diaper debate

Laundry Links

Mom Network Links

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