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Diaper Rash. – click here for the full article

This is not a favourite topic for moms to speak of because once they discover their baby has a sore bottom their anxiety level goes into hyper mode!

The first feeling can be guilt – what did I do! I’m changing diapers every couple of hours, I make sure I clean my baby’s bottom, oh dear, what else should I have thought of?

Next we start treating the diaper rash, without really knowing how it was caused.  Let’s pile on the zinc cream!  Let’s air dry or get some help from the hairdryer.  Let’s let baby go without a diaper for awhile to heal.  Let’s try a new brand of diapers.  Let’s try a new detergent.

The diaper rash gets worse before it gets better.  Baby isn’t happy and mommy isn’t happy.  Do we visit the doctor?  Do I ask my friends for advice?  Do I check what is online?  These can all be good resources – try them!

The article linked above to a Today’s Parent magazine article listing the preventative tactics and treatment options of diaper rash.  The article is still about current concerns regarding diaper rash with babies.

One of the most significant tips I have learned to pass on with new parents and cloth diapers is about timing.  Parents will need to learn babies cues as to when they soil their diapers.  Change them after they make their mess – then they don’t sit in it and create ideal conditions for a rash.

Learning your baby’s signals and noises for all wants such as feeding, play, sleep, and even diapering – can really pay off!

That said, my Natasha developed mild diaper rashes 2 days before she was ill and often with teething during her second year.  You can’t win!  But figure out the cause!

A cloth diaper vision you can support | realdiaperevents.org

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A cloth diaper vision you can support | realdiaperevents.org.

What if your cloth diaper use was part of a larger community of usage?

What if your city/town/community promoted the use of cloth diapers to lower the cost of waste disposable?

I’m looking to figure out a Peterborough solution for this involving our city council and county council.  The city of Toronto is alone in its service of composting disposable diapers because of the lack of economic support.  Eastern townships in Ontario have started offering subsidies to parents for purchases towards cloth diapers.

Are you interested in this kind of green advocacy?

5 Simple Steps To Begin Cloth Diapering All About Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Answers All About Cloth Diapers

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5 Simple Steps To Begin Cloth Diapering All About Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Answers All About Cloth Diapers.

  1. Choose a system – there are about half a dozen types of cloth diapers.
  2. Sized diapers or one size fits all?
  3. Dirty Diaper Storage – figure out a system or you’ll be wondering where a safe place is to put the first nasty diaper!
  4. Where to buy – because cloth diapers have begun a feminist resurgence in North American manufacturing, would it be fair to ask you to stay away from Made In China?  Really?
  5. Washing – do you like doing laundry?  I mean really like it?  Because you’ll be down there every other day at least.  Naw… subscribe to diaper service and deal with the regular chores when you can!
If you went through Autumn’s complete list of the 5 steps – bravo! – I think you are seriously considering the use of cloth diapers!  The next step is to get out and touch/feel the different kinds of diapers out there.  This can be more luxurious than you ever thought possible!
Have fun choosing prints and styles of cloth diapers!  Connect with other moms using cloth to keep you interested and enthusiastic!
Join In!

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