Disposable sales are down! – by Autumn Beck

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Why I think disposable diaper sales are down All About Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Answers All About Cloth Diapers.

You see the link to my favourite cloth diaper blog on this website because Autumn really makes sure all the news gets covered and really loves the advocacy of this topic.

I found this short article interesting and it would mean more if there was real number we could put onto the cloth diaper industry about growth over the last decade.  No one except the Real Diaper Association seems to really be aware of who is out there designing, manufacturing and retailing cloth diapers and the associated gear.

If you have been able to get stocked up with diapering gear from Changing Ways Diaper Service – thank you again!  If you are getting your gear from other sources: are they online retailers or stores; are they new or used diapers; and have you or will you pass them on to others?   I would love to know your comments!

Landfill created by one year of disposable diapers

Landfill created by one year of disposable diapers


Expo explores green future – Peterborough Examiner – Ontario, CA

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Expo explores green future – Peterborough Examiner – Ontario, CA. – from April 2010

Diaper spelled backwards is REPAID

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Pam, age 2, trying out the front seat of the Uhaul. I will teach her to drive - when she's old enough!



I went off to a successful Creative Memories scrapbooking day last Saturday and in searching through cute quotes to add meaning to the pictures of my family, I found this one:


Diaper spelled backwards is REPAID.

Well, isn’t it food for thought!  Many other words are palindromes spelled into real words backwards, take for example the devil who lived and the dog who was god and the idea which gives a tug on your gut.  You get the idea…

Can I dissect this a little more – when the child consumes food, it has to go somewhere and that place is first into the diaper – your repayment for nourishing your child!

Many thankless ways children naturally have of thanking you for all the deeds you do while they are so dependent upon you.  It only seems to become more of an obvious topic when children start their first  signs of independence.

We teach them to move around, wiggle, roll over, crawl, and aid their little feet into first steps!  Yet, we get repaid for these advances through inquisitive minds determined to touch, reach, climb, chase, and eventually run after objects which are less than desirable. I think of when Pam learned to make her way around our local Zellers, I started to lose track of her faster and faster.  She got so quick on her feet and would disappear, not just around the next corner, but appropriately, all the way over to the toy section of the store in less than 3 minutes of entering!  Gee, don’t I love it when they learn to do new things <she says sarcastically…>

The raising of my girls has been rewarding because of their independence though.  When they learn to eat with a spoon by themselves – yahoo!  I can now share a meal at the same time as you!  When they learn to drink from a cup – yahoo! I can now be more flexible in where we go out for dinner in trusting your table skills!  When they learn to take off their own diaper – yikes!  Why did I want that one to happen?  Oh yeah, its another sign they are ready to be toilet trained!

Baby ready to change to cloth

Ready for the cloth diaper change!

How much do you want to be REPAID for the diapers your baby is in.  There should be some even exchange formula you can expect from your child.

Let’s take this idea to disposable diapers – garbage on – garbage off.  We pick up the packaging, use it, and it gets repackaged as waste at the curb.  For how long?  In North America, diapers have been manufactured since the 1970’s and they are massed produced for babies of all sizes to wear.  Babies in disposable diapers seem to procure worries from parents about how they believe their children will start kindergarten still using diapers. What a repayment!  Have you had a disposable diaper fail you?  Have you had the poop running out of the diaper and leaking all over the clothes baby wears and onto the clothes you are wearing or straight into your hand?  I have.  Gross.  What garbage!  And expense.  You’ll be repaid for this ton or more  amount of waste through taxes to ship our combined landfill away.

Let’s move on hybrid diapers, an example of these is the G-diaper.  This is a cross of disposable when you need it and a reusable feature when you don’t.  Flush, compost, or toss is the advertising.  The covers can be reused while the insert can be composted or flushed.  If you do actively compost with your municipality or at home, this is a great choice environmentally.  Otherwise, you’re tossing the biodegradable insert into the garbage, which will still breakdown faster than a disposable diaper would.  You’ll be repaid for this smaller amount of waste through taxes to ship our combined landfill away.

You next and oldest option is cloth diapers.  But don’t think about rubber pants and smelly pails!  All those generations of babies clothed in a reusable diaper had lots of repayment to their parents which was profitable.  Stories of babies toilet trained at 18 months are common with that set.  You and I can both see the greatest reason to give up diapers then would be the stink – get it out of the house we all would be crying!  Ugly things those diapers meant.  Now we’ve got many styles, materials, and sizes to get baby clothed in diapers from newborn to toilet training.  You can still be in diapers for less time with the current cloth systems.  Diaper pails have even evolved to let the pail ‘breathe’ without the smell and help cut the smell with a deodorizing circle inserted.  Even the laundry end of cloth diapers has become more cost effective with high efficiency, front loading washing machines and dryers which work on minimal energy draws compared to their older counterparts.  Add in some scented Laundry Tarts detergent and it gets a little sweeter with each load.  Repaid indeed!  The first baby on cloth begets other babies on cloth which starts a personal trend towards cutting back our excesses in other ways too.

When do cloth diapers get pitched?  Not too often.  I understand parents rip the old apart and create new ones; use the old inserts as rags around the house, pass on diaper gear to other parents, etc. Have you checked out the action on DiaperSwappers?

Children are a wonderful blessing!  They teach you how to live all over again.  You get the joy of being so proud of your little one as a new skill is learned!  Remember every good deed gets REPAID!

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