You Be Voice of Cloth Diaper Advocacy

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Come be the voice of the new cloth diaper generation!  It’s come a long way in the last 10 years!  Last year, over 5,000 babies in 11 countries worldwide showed off their cloth diapers!

It was a count down to the start time of the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012 and we needed one more baby to reach our 25 participants!  The crowd was buzzing about waiting for the time to change babies – Cloth Diapers Rock bracelets adorned the caregivers, loot bags were handed out, songs were sung to entertain, and photos were being snapped to commemorate the Peterborough Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Click on the diaper to register for the challenge!

Down the escalator came one last momma and her 8 month old son to quickly be outfitted with a fitted cloth diaper and cover for the challenge!  Congratulations rang around the area as babies were held high by their parents after completing the challenge, showing off those cute bottoms!  What a show – and definitely a challenge!

Come out again and help advocate to others how simple, economic, and healthy cloth diapers are!  There are dozens of brands at a large price range to cater to anyone’s desire!  Cloth diapering is fun, so we will have an entertaining day!

Benefits of cloth diapering include;

  • Changing your connection with baby by learning their cues & diapering needs
  • Changing how you select diaper gear by reducing, reusing, & buying locally
  • Changing your household environment to a healthier place for baby & family
  • Changing your perception about how easy & convenient using cloth really is!

Let’s get ready for one big change!  Register at the link below and pass it on!