Reusable Diaper Care Tips from Real Parents | Real Diaper Association

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Reusable Diaper Care Tips from Real Parents | Real Diaper Association.

Does Laundry get the better of you some days?

My goal in our house is to have enough socks and underwear to keep us all at 3 weeks between laundry visits.  Then, when I get to process 7 loads of laundry it is done fast and furious so those big machines can sit around until the next demand comes through!

A recent article from the Peterborough’s Greenzine called Is Energy Efficiency an Oxymoron? pointed out you can get maximum efficiency from a device – when you don’t use it!

  • Keep the car at home, not just getting the most fuel efficient!
  • Turn the light off, not just buying more fancy bulbs before the old ones burn out.
  • Wash the dishes by hand if you can’t fill the dishwasher.
  • Clean cloth diapers with other clothes if your routine can handle it.
  • Consume less and reuse what you have more seems to be the bottom line.

As we enter a very consumable time around Christmas, let’s see what good deeds we can do for the maximum efficiency, instead of adding to our woes and worries.

A New Year’s Resolution?

AndriaCWDS’s Channel – YouTube

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AndriaCWDS’s Channel – YouTube.

Did you know?  Have you seen?  A YouTube channel just for Changing Ways Diaper Service!

Since YouTube has become a major search engine online, I have discovered a wealth of information to share with you there!

Subscribe to the channel or just check out some videos and remark on your favourites!


Diaper Rash article from Today’s Parent

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Available in the Changing Ways Diaper Depot

Diaper Rash. – click here for the full article

This is not a favourite topic for moms to speak of because once they discover their baby has a sore bottom their anxiety level goes into hyper mode!

The first feeling can be guilt – what did I do! I’m changing diapers every couple of hours, I make sure I clean my baby’s bottom, oh dear, what else should I have thought of?

Next we start treating the diaper rash, without really knowing how it was caused.  Let’s pile on the zinc cream!  Let’s air dry or get some help from the hairdryer.  Let’s let baby go without a diaper for awhile to heal.  Let’s try a new brand of diapers.  Let’s try a new detergent.

The diaper rash gets worse before it gets better.  Baby isn’t happy and mommy isn’t happy.  Do we visit the doctor?  Do I ask my friends for advice?  Do I check what is online?  These can all be good resources – try them!

The article linked above to a Today’s Parent magazine article listing the preventative tactics and treatment options of diaper rash.  The article is still about current concerns regarding diaper rash with babies.

One of the most significant tips I have learned to pass on with new parents and cloth diapers is about timing.  Parents will need to learn babies cues as to when they soil their diapers.  Change them after they make their mess – then they don’t sit in it and create ideal conditions for a rash.

Learning your baby’s signals and noises for all wants such as feeding, play, sleep, and even diapering – can really pay off!

That said, my Natasha developed mild diaper rashes 2 days before she was ill and often with teething during her second year.  You can’t win!  But figure out the cause!

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