Tip Sheets to Download

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Folding are helpful when learning, or relearning, how to use the pre fold cotton diaper and the Snappi.  If you have problems with leakage or poor fit on baby, there may be other solutions to these cloth diaper problems.  If you can’t find it in the blogs, contact me for advice.  Check our our YouTube Channel for more videos to show you how fold diapers.

How to Fold a Prefold Diaper -5 ways

Tips for Washing At Home are a starting off point when you are new to cloth diapers.  Many other moms and websites can get you out of smelly situations.  More links can be added with feedback from you!

Washing cloth diapers at home made easy!

The Potty Training Readiness Quiz has been provided by a parenting author and can be helpful to assess if your toddler is ready to start the journey out of diapers.  There is no quick solution I have found and your own parenting style dictates what you will put up with and what you can work with.  More articles are available for this trying time!  Also check out Quick Facts About Potty Training and Potty Training Ready Set Go to help you through this milestone.

Pee in the Potty Song by Mr Mike Sings