Be aware that spending money on a new baby is fun!

It doesn’t have to break your bank though!
Gift certificates can be issued by Changing Ways Diaper Service in amounts for

  • Cash Value – to help parents start collecting diaper covers & accessories or add to the inventory
  • Service Value – to kick start the luxury of clean cotton diapers delivered weekly, or get mom through a tough spell, like when #2 is on the way and she’s a tired mama

Send a note to Andria to have the gift certificate personalized for your mother in mind!

How do you know you want to get into cloth diapers?

You’ve been convinced of the

Environmental advantage

  • Less landfill and harmful pollution
  • Human waste treated as sewage

Health concerns

  • Reduce the dioxins and SAP baby is exposed to
  • Less diaper rash occurrence


  • Always on hand
  • Easy 2 part system to learn

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