Meet Andria, the busy mompreneur from Peterborough, Ontario!

As a single parent, with a newborn in Ottawa, on a fixed income and transportation limited to my Perego stroller, I found buying disposable diapers a waste of effort and energy. When the diaper genie was full, those long links of soiled diaper sausages would tumble eight stories down the garbage chute in my apartment building.

There had to be a better way!    Enter cloth diaper service!

Once a week delivery, and once a month billing on the credit card was the best convenience I ever bought! I felt good about the reusable factor in using cloth on my child. I reduced our waste footprint in one conscious step. The learning curve was easy and the smell was squelched in the diaper pail compared to disposable diapers!

Enter second child – there was no question I wanted to use cloth again for the ease of use, convenience, and the chance to toilet train early! Daughter #2 was showing signs of readiness at 22 months of age.

Join me on the journey of parenting with cloth diapers.  With connections to other cloth diaper parents, you can troubleshoot and share your stories – I love them!

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