Cloth, yes. Laundry, no.

Cloth diapers offered through a weekly subscribed service takes the stink out of caring for baby!

Forget everything you thought you knew about cloth diapers!
Changing Ways Diapers makes cloth diapering easy and fun!


When you are interested in weekly diaper service or washing at home, connect with Andria through phone, e-mail, or the Contact page.  She will offer to visit you with diaper gear or you can arrange to meet her at the home base of this business on Monaghan Road, in Peterborough, ON.

Education and advocacy are highlights of this Peterborough, Ontario organization.  Support through conversations and discussion in a playdate setting make learning about cloth diapers and feeling part of a cloth diaper community valuable.  Contact Andria to learn more about the existing cloth diaper community or check the Changing Ways FaceBook page.   

Real Diapers for Real Babies. The Real Diaper Association … creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers.Reduce & Reuse.  Recycling is expensive. Rationalize – make cloth diapers one of your first steps to becoming more green. Every living thing on this earth is connected.  Our babies may be the first starting point on a greener journey or they may be an extension of better environmental habits.   
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